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I have to thank a gentleman named Mike Bosson that you’re reading this. Many years ago in my schooldays, he was my English teacher. I loved to write wildly imaginative stories as a youngster, enjoying the creative process as much then as I do now. Mike (or rather, Mr. Bosson) always seemed to appreciate my work, constantly encouraging me to keep writing and often suggesting freelance writer as a career option I may wish to consider upon leaving school. Preferring rock star, I nonetheless promised him I would continue writing as the time dawned to enter the scary world of work and responsible adulthood.


I have kept that promise. Albeit largely on a part-time basis until leaving my music industry position of 15 years to write full-time from August 1st, 2022, I have been writing professionally for over two decades. Until becoming a full-time writer my work life largely revolved around the music industry in many different capacities, including in music stores, as a concert promoter, DJ, radio presenter, and - as you might expect - music journalist. It was natural that at some point I would write about music, and so it has been with hundreds of reviews, concert previews, interview features, and publicity materials for various publications, websites, record labels, artists, and bands.

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It was always my goal, however, to work as a freelance writer, challenging myself by covering as wide a range of material as possible. To that end, covering a broad spectrum of subject matter, my work has been published somewhere, at least monthly, since I began.


I just love writing, so it‘s just as well I decided to become a freelance writer, eh? I get lost in it, paying a perfectionist’s attention to detail in how every sentence sounds, looks and feels, careful to select exactly the right words to express what needs to be. Regardless of the dryness of a commissioned topic, I write with passion and have enough confidence in my ability to tackle most any subject. Consequently, I will consider any offer or project that requires creation of the written word, whether in traditional print media or for the Internet.

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I was born and raised in Birmingham, England, moving to Brighton on the south coast in 1987. After 19½ years in that great town, in 2006 my wife Susan and I moved to live in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island in her native Canada. It is here in Nanaimo that I have set myself up as a freelance writer.


It was in Brighton that my writing started in earnest, as a contributor of principally music-oriented content to various local and London-based publications. I also worked as an Internet Copywriter at an independent search engine optimization and Internet marketing company for fifteen months prior to moving to Canada, producing keyword-rich content for websites across a broad spectrum of markets.


(Internet copywriting is just one of the services I am offering my clients as a freelance writer. Please see the Services page for further information.)

In signing off, I am delighted to report that after losing contact for over forty years, Mike Bosson and I are back in touch! Much like myself, he has been on many adventures in the intervening period, including running a magnificent stately home in England and a school in the Canary Islands. It will be fun to catch up and... hmmm... maybe I should write his biography?

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