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The Discourse is an extremely valuable digital community news platform, partly based in my hometown of Nanaimo, BC. I had been a subscriber to its newsletters since its launch, so was naturally pleased to be approached in October 2022 to contribute a piece about Marian van der Zon, a friend and musician with a remarkable and often harrowing backstory. The assignment tied in neatly with a publicity materials project I had just completed for Marian, neatly capping it with uncanny timing! With an open contract with The Discourse, it is possible I could contribute further articles in the future.

Freelance contributor, October 2022 - present



In late 2021 I was approached by Blackberry Creative - an 'advertising, communications strategy, and design team' based in the Oceanside region of Vancouver Island - with a view to writing for one of their clients, Passions magazine. Published quarterly, the magazine serves the Fairwinds community. After agreeing to come aboard as a freelance contributor I was handed a choice of assignments. I opted to write about canoeing, allowing me to interview an experienced canoeist friend. The piece was published in the Summer 2022 issue, and I hope it will be the first of many assignments for this magazine.

Freelance contributor, January 2022 - present



I always enjoy projects that push me out of my comfort zones of knowledge and experience, so working for this Brighton, UK-based skincare products company was definitely an education. Although a short-term gig that may be resurrected in the future, during my few months producing blog posts for Balmonds I wrote about the qualities and uses of rosehip oil, as well as skin conditions such as keratosis pilaris, rosacea, and chlorine rash - about all of which I previously knew nothing!

Freelance blog contributor, March - September 2020


Nanaimo African Heritage Society

In February 2018, while in conversation with her at my workplace, Shalema Gantt (President) of the Nanaimo African Heritage Society voiced the need for help editing several articles to appear in the forthcoming issue of her NAHS magazine.  I stepped into the breach, and with Shamela liking my work it appears there could be plenty more moving forward!

Freelance contributor, February 2018 - present



The Wall Papers was an e-newsletter showcasing the collaborative, creative and innovative interdisciplinary research of the scholars at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of British Columbia' in Vancouver. I was approached by the Institute's Communications Manager in 2016, subsequently delivering three feature articles to The Wall Papers, concluding in June 2017. Not having written for an academic readership before I relished and accepted the challenge.

Freelance contributor, August 2016 - June 2017



Following an appeal for contributors in July 2015, I started writing for this leading British folk and alternative music webzine/radio station the same month. Although things may change in the future, my intention - via reviews and interview features - is to cover independent Canadian folk releases that may not otherwise gain international exposure. My work for Folk Radio UK can be found here.

Contributor, July 2015 - present


compare the financial markets

In September 2012 I became unexpectedly reconnected with an old colleague from my Webplacing days in Brighton, England. Our email and subsequent telephone conversations were initially of a purely social nature, but this renewed contact led to an invitation for me to become involved with a website project my old friend was working on. Consequently, from October 2012 until December 2018 I created assigned copy for the Compare The Financial Markets website. Based in London, UK, the site was aimed at UK and overseas investors looking for high-end traditional and alternative investment opportunities.

Internet Copywriter, October 2012 - December 2018



In August 2012 I was asked by Marian van der Zon of the excellent Cowichan Valley folk band, Puzzleroot, to revamp content for their existing website. I subsequently rewrote the band members' individual and collective biographies, freshened up the homepage and contact page content, and advised as to various other general improvements in content placement.

Internet Copywriter, August - October 2012

Illustrator Steve



In July 2011 I was approached by Gabriola Island Patent Illustrator, Steve Bishop, to collaborate on the creation of content for his brand new website. As someone totally unfamiliar with the highly technical intricacies of Steve's line of work, I found the project both interesting and educational. I always enjoy a project where I learn something! The Illustrator Steve website launched on November 21, 2011.

Internet Copywriter, July and November 2011



In May 2011 I was approached by Porter & Wood Gravel Mart of Parksville on Vancouver Island to create the content for a brand new website. With such 'dry' material to work with it was a challenge, but one I enjoyed! The site was launched in October 2011.

Internet Copywriter, May 2011




Formerly known as Madman McKay's, McKay's Home Theatre Centres, and McKay's Electronic Experts, this business is now know as Andre's Electronic Experts, and is Vancouver Island's leading independent home electronics and car audio retailer. In February 2011 the company approached me to create several pages of content for a forthcoming website overhaul. Although my work was fully approved, due to changes in McKay's plans for the functionality of the new site not all of the content I produced was used upon its launch in early 2012, and with the company's rebranding has now been removed entirely.

Internet Copywriter, February and March 2011


Founded in Calgary in 2004, BeatRoute Magazine is a primarily music-oriented publication with a circulation of 10,000 in Alberta. BeatRoute began producing a West Coast edition in 2009, also distributing 10,000 copies in Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo. I contributed an interview with Tim Rutili of Califone in August 2011.

Freelance contributor, August 2011


Formerly published as Coastlines by Tugboat Media Inc. of Vancouver, then published by Page One Publishing in Victoria, BC, Harbour Air Magazine was the in-flight bimonthly for the Harbour Air seaplane airline from August 2009 to December 2010.

Freelance contributor, October 2009 - December 2010


Distributed nationally in Canada and to selected outlets in the US, this high-end architectural/interior design digest was published by the Dauphin Media Group in Creemore, Ontario. In May 2009 I was approached by DMG to write for them, consequently contributing a total of three articles across the July/August and September/October 2009 issues.

Freelance contributor, July - October 2009


Based in Brighton, England, Benstar was founded by an old friend and former music industry colleague. A creative music agency specializing in the placement of music in movies, advertising campaigns and so forth, Benstar was officially launched in June 2008. I acted mainly in a consultancy role in respect of the creation of content for Benstar's website.

Content consultant and contributor, May 2008

The navigator

Since 1969, The Navigator has been the student newspaper for Vancouver Island University (formerly Malaspina University-College). In April 2008, I contributed a profile of a CHLY radio programmer to this publication on behalf of the station. While this was a one-off project, it may be resurrected in the future.

Freelance contributor, April 2008

Dueck General Contracting

Based in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, Dueck General Contracting is a family business providing residential and commercial building contractor services. In January 2008 I was commissioned to create simple relevant content for the company's new website.

Internet Copywriter, January 2008

more living
Samples here, here, here and here

Based in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, More Living was a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine published by Bonnie MacQueen's Mac Publications. I wrote for this publication from the July/August 2007 issue to the final issue in November/December 2011. I contributed locally-focused, wide-ranging articles featuring individuals, businesses, events and other topics of interest from the Central (Vancouver) Island region.

Contributor, Contributing Photographer and occasional Contributing Editor, 2007 - 2011

Samples here, here and here

Known as The Beacon until the February 2012 issue, the title was relaunched as EyesOnBC Magazine in March 2012. Based in Bowser on Vancouver Island, the good people behind this publication also used to publish The Baynes Sound Current, to which I also contributed a few articles during its short run.

EyesOnBC Magazine ceased publication upon the sad passing of publisher Linda Tenney in October 2019

Contributor, 2007 - October 2019

Samples here, here and here

Launched in 2006, Coastlines was the bimonthly magazine published by Tugboat Media Inc. in Vancouver for Harbour Air - the world's largest seaplane airline. Rich in fascinating content and beautiful photographs, this peculiarly west coast publication was dedicated to the people and places that make British Columbia the wondrous province it is. I contributed humour columns, historical profiles and travel-based articles on essential BC destinations from 2006 to the final issue in spring 2009.

Contributor, 2006 - 2009

Jo-Ann Lapointe

Jo-Ann Lapointe left the real estate business in late 2008 after an award-winning career as a RE/MAX realtor in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. I undertook a total overhaul of her website content as my first big Internet copywriting job after arriving in Canada. Her change of career direction means her website has been taken down, but you can see how Jo-Ann rated my work on the Testimonials page.

Internet Copywriter, May - July 2007

Speke Management Services

Until its founder, Judy Clark, moved to Australia in the summer of 2008, Speke Management Services was a professional speakers consortium (or bureau) in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. I created all content with which her website launched in June 2007. The site still exists, but the content has been replaced and updated to reflect Judy's new professional direction. You can read how she rated my original work on the Testimonials page.

Internet Copywriter, June 2007


Not a client, in fact, but a search engine optimization and Internet marketing company in Brighton, UK, that employed me as an Internet Copywriter between May 2005 and August 2006. During this period, I was instrumental in the formation of a dedicated Internet copywriting division of the company called Web Writing and created copy for a diverse range of clients. Webplacing Ltd. ceased trading in 2012.

Internet Copywriter, 2005 - 2006


the source

In an overcrowded marketplace, Newsquest publication The Source was the leading free monthly arts and listings magazine for Brighton, England, until it came to the end of its run in 2008. The publication subsequently returned as an independent concern, The Brighton Source, with former Sub-Editor, James Kendall, at the helm.The print edition finally closed to shift online in February 2014. Initially unpaid, I contributed mainly concert previews from 1998 to 2006, but was occasionally called upon to write features. My contributions were originally in dedicated column format on my own page, then retitled and merged with other contributors' content following a redesign.

Contributor, 1998 - 2006


Cheeky Guides is the Brighton, UK company responsible for producing six editions of The Cheeky Guide to Brighton, plus similarly irreverent handbooks to love, student life and the city of Oxford! I edited and contributed to the music section of The Cheeky Guide to Brighton: Fourth Edition, published in 2006, and am credited in the book to this end.

Contributor, 2006


The London, UK-based Comes with a Smile was a greatly revered, independent music magazine of high design, content and production values. Although each issue was published in a limited run, it remained an internationally distributed magazine boasting highly collectable, cover-mounted CDs of exclusive tracks from featured artists. I contributed album reviews and interview features from issue # 6 in 2000 to the final issue, # 20, in 2006. Passionately sharing the vision of editor Matt Dornan, everyone who contributed to Comes with a Smile did so without renumeration beyond the occasional free CD or gig guest list place.

Contributor, 2000 - 2006


The Latest was a longstanding, monthly Brighton, UK arts and listings magazine that morphed into the monthly property listings / entertainment dos a dos publication Latest Homes / Latest 7 in 2002. I contributed music reviews to its original incarnation from 1998 to 2000. L.U.V. (Latest Underground Vibe) was a short-lived music offshoot; I was commissioned to contribute twin features to the 2003 launch issue.

Contributor, 1998-2000

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