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What an absolutely tremendous job you did writing up a new bio for me and Matt. Nobody writes like you, my friend. Nobody has the same levels of intrigue, research, and flow. Weíre lucky to have you carve out our story in such a way, and lay it out so engagingly to the fans.

Shawn Hall ('The Harpoonist') :: Vancouver/Nanaimo-based blues duo, The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer,

(Publicity documents client, October 2021)



I take my hat off to you. This is why I've always come to you. It's some of the best copy I have read in my life. I am truly lost for words, but not for emotions. Thank you. You are the best!

Miguel Angel Plaza :: Compare The Financial Markets, London, UK (Website sales copy client, 2010-2021)


I have very much enjoyed working with David; he's been friendly, punctual, and cheerful about whatever Iíve asked him to write about, which hasnít always been the easiest or the most exciting topics! But whatever was thrown at him, he accepted enthusiastically, and turned in great copy to deadline. David was able to adapt the tone and character of his style to meet our exacting demands. As a small skincare business publishing educational articles on our website, this skill was invaluable, and I have no hesitation in recommending him as an expert copywriter to other businesses needing great content delivered promptly and efficiently.

Lucy Gulland :: PR Manager, Balmonds Skincare, Brighton, UK



There are gifted writers in this world and then there’s David Morrison, who resides in a completely different stratosphere. What drew me to hire David Morrison to write my press release, bio, and album description was that it was clear from perusing his website that he has a deep-rooted passion for music, and an incredible amount of experience in the field of music.

Though I found David online, I was given the opportunity to meet with him in person to discuss my project. I was blown away not only by his vast knowledge of music (he’s like a walking music encyclopedia), but also by his amazing storytelling. And if that weren’t enough, he happens to be a genuinely warm and likeable person.

With regards to his work, I cannot recommend him enough. He far exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t believe his attention to detail, and the amount of time and effort he put into listening to my catalogue of music, truly getting to know my story by asking relevant questions, and researching the project. He even went to the great length of researching the backgrounds of my band-mates, to include the names of the people they’ve played with. Amazing.

David’s writing is pure perfection. Not only does he get the point across, he does it in a way that’s engaging and entertaining.  What began as a working relationship felt from day one like the start of a newfound friendship. David is a literary wizard, a musical genius, and an absolute gem of a person!

Julia Cunningham :: Victoria, BC harpist (Publicity materials client, November 2019)






I had told Les you were a good writer, but he was unprepared for the attention to detail, the listening and thought that was behind your enthusiastic investigation into his new album's musical intent... As I watched Les read it was like seeing a desert-rat get a nice big glass of water!  This doesn't even begin to cover the fact that your sentence structure, nicely organized analysis, grammar and spelling were all perfection...erudite, professional and entertaining.

Valeria Fellini :: Wife of Folk Radio UK review subject, Les Finnigan, Vancouver, BC (November 2018)




David Morrison is an excellent writer and was a pleasure to work with.  He is highly organized, deeply knowledgeable, and has managed to capture the authentic spirit of his subject matter. I highly recommend him!

Marian van der Zon :: Of the Sun (See also Puzzleroot testimonial below.)



We have contracted David to write several articles promoting the research supported by the Peter Wall Institute. These pieces involve interviewing scholars about a wide range of topics and then distilling the discussions into pieces for our online newspaper, The Wall Papers, that are readily accessible to lay audiences. David's deft touch brings to life both the academics and their work in a most readable manner.

Geoff Gilliard :: Communications Manager, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC



All that I would have liked to say in a testimonial has already been said! So, I will simply join in with an enthusiastic 'Amen!' David's work ethic is what impresses me the most; he'll never deliver something that's just 'good enough.' He sets a higher standard for himself, and our record label has reaped the rewards.

Paul Bezooyen :: The Hermit's Music, Nanaimo, BC


I love David's writing and really enjoy his contributions. I genuinely value very good reviewers, and David is certainly in that camp.

Alex Gallacher :: Folk Radio UK




You are truly a gifted wordsmith...very eloquent, very accurate, and very awesome!

Bev Finch :: Singer-songwriter/Blue Silk Tonewood, Qualicum Beach, BC


David wrote a lovely article about our local Qualicum Beach Artisans Market. David's written word has inspired us… We are all so blessed to have David as our writer to relate what we are so passionate about – the art. I would highly recommend David as a writer for any occasion!

Larry and Dee Aguilar :: Qualicum Beach Artisans Market
(Subject of an article for EyesOnBC Magazine in 2013)


Working with David Morrison was an absolute pleasure from beginning to end. From the initial brainstorming meeting to the final tweaks on the written content for the website, David was competent, timely, respectful, fun and always professional. His ability with the written word is impressive, as he was easily able to capture the holistic nature and nuance of our music and band. Given the variety within this project, this is no easy feat. I would highly recommend David to anyone looking for someone who can deliver the goods, above and beyond what was expected.

Marian van der Zon of Cowichan Valley, BC, indie folk band, Puzzleroot


You can tell by David’s testimonial page what a talented and respected writer he is. David was referred to me to write the content for our website. I immediately went online to check out his work to see if any of it would relate to the task at hand. I wasn’t too sure if he would be up for the challenge after reading his intriguing literary artwork. When I met with him to go over the content I was put completely at ease by his charismatic personality and eagerness to dive into something different. I was impressed by the way he obtained his information in the interview and the research he performs to perfect his piece of work. David is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend his creative mind to anyone. I only hope that I have the honour of working with him again one day.

Kelsi Gordon :: Porter & Wood Gravel Mart, Parksville, BC


Hiring Dave to write the copy for my website was a great choice. Even though the subject matter was not readily familiar to Dave, he took it on as a challenge and asked questions to get to the heart of what I needed expressed.

Dave even went beyond the writing process and gave me suggestions on what specific items should be highlighted within the text, and also lent advice on keywords and how to optimize the content for better search results.

He gave me the results I wanted on time and within budget. I will definitely hire him again for future projects and business materials.

Steve Bishop :: Illustrator Steve, Gabriola Island, BC


Your writing is so congruent with the vision I held for The Beacon and EyesOnBC - always validating people's lives, emphasizing the positive benefits of each person's contributions to our community, locally and to the world at large, and always with respectful wit and a lovely sense of humour.

Sharon Waugh :: Salish Sea Market, Bowser, BC
(Former co-publisher of The Beacon magazine, Bowser, BC)



We both thought the article was just incredibly wonderful! You are a true 'word artist'; just beautiful, and you captured everything we were trying to express, but couldn't put into words.

John Tallerino & Marc Randall :: formerly of Dragonfly Knoll Gallery, Denman Island, BC
(Subject of an article for The Beacon in 2011)


The article David wrote about our booklovers' B&B was fun, interesting and, most of all, accurate! We enjoyed meeting David and seeing his personable manner of interviewing and obtaining information. Best of all, the article led to several families visiting our B&B. Thanks, David!

Margriet Ruurs :: Between the Covers B&B, Salt Spring Island, BC
(Subject of an article for More Living in 2009)


I am known to talk like a machine gun splattering bullets in a million directions… David rose to the daunting challenge of turning a five-hour interview into a thoughtful, well-researched, entertaining piece that skillfully connected the far-flung dots, and I am impressed.

Lyn Hancock :: Lantzville, BC author, educator, photographer and environmentalist
(Subject of an article for More Living in 2011)


Dave wrote a wonderful article about me that was published in the January/February 2010 issue of the Vancouver Island magazine, More Living; it covered my musical life here in Nanaimo, with a brief history of my past musical involvement. The article was absolutely fabulous and I had a number of people telling me afterwards how they'd enjoyed reading it very much. Dave does with words what I work at doing with sounds, and I don't think it is any stretch to say that what Dave does with his words is ‘musical.’ I think if you ‘listen’ closely while reading Dave's work, you can pick up on the person behind the words, and the curiosity and keen sense of wit and humour that make Dave a special person to have onboard any task at hand - in particular, any written assignment. I can't think of a better guy to work with in this context.

James McRae :: Nanaimo, BC, musician-composer
(Subject of an article for More Living in 2010)


David Morrison is quite simply a fantastic writer whose work resonates with an honest, heartfelt sincerity that is sorely lacking in today’s literary world. Everything I have read of his – reviews, travel literature, blog postings, you name it – is always top notch and a joy to read. My former band, No Horses, is seriously indebted to him for his terrific work on the bio and one-sheet that we used on our website, as well as to book a tour of the U.S. in the summer of 2009. With very little input from the members of the band, he crafted an absolutely wonderful bio that really captured the essence of what we were trying to do musically… in other words, he GETS IT! Dave would be the very first person I would contact if I needed anything publicity-related for future musical projects, and he should be the very first person on your list as well!

Nick Lawton of defunct Vancouver, BC, rock band, No Horses


I like music, and I like Dave Morrison, plain and simple. Dave wrote about me a couple years back… I liked that he actually had something to say and did not simply regurgitate my bio back onto the page… I found that he was a true fan of music, and after meeting Dave at one of my shows I felt as if this was an individual who should be doing exactly what he is doing.

Wil (Mimnaugh) :: Qualicum Beach, BC, singer-songwriter/musician
(Subject of an article for The Beacon in 2009)

We were intrigued when David approached us to do an article about our Bed & Breakfast, but didn't know what to expect. We were pleased when he and (his wife) Susan came to stay, and impressed with David's enthusiasm, his faculty of observation, and especially his ability to listen and absorb and understand what you are saying. But we were truly delighted beyond all expectation when his article came out - beautifully crafted, entertainingly written and, most importantly, he found the perfect balance among the somewhat conflicting nuances of tourism in the Gulf Islands. Good writing takes more than talent (which David obviously has) - it takes craft, and David has perfected his craft and is prepared to put all the effort necessary, and more, into getting it right. Thanks again, David - you deserve the widest possible audience!

Veronica & Graeme Shelford :: Proprietors of Cufra Cliffs Cottage B&B,
Thetis Island, BC

(Subject of an article for More Living in 2010)


I design and sculpt art for a living, but have never found the words to complement my works or career. David Morrison’s gift is turning thoughts and words into beautiful artistic creations. The article he ‘sculpted’ created lasting visual memories and emotional connections to both my career and works. David’s kind words piqued the interest of those who read the article, drawing the largest response from any of the articles published about my art to date. I was pleasantly surprised at the insight and attention to detail David displayed in his writing; it was as if I were sharing my personal expressions and feelings about the pieces. Having someone write about your personal achievements and goals involves a great deal of trust. David Morrison has earned my trust.

Jeremy Humpherville :: Coastal Carvings Fine Art Gallery, Coombs, BC
(Subject of an article for The Beacon in 2008)

The feature article you wrote on the Afro-Mumanzi World Music Camp gave our project a real boost. Not only did the magazine article give the camp immediate credibility, but the band includes it on their website and in the press package sent to concert presenters. Thank you for writing with such personal interest and insight. We continue to benefit from your professionalism and obvious command of your craft.

Valerie Dare, for Vancouver Island/Vancouver, BC, marimba band,
(Subject of an article for The Beacon in 2010)


David Morrison is a great writer because he ‘gets it.’ He can listen to music and translate what he hears into words like no other writer I know. We commissioned David to write a small piece for our band's bio and received so much more - a perfect description of our sound coupled with an understanding of what we are trying to achieve. Written eloquently and intelligently, with the voice of a true music lover, it makes people want to listen to us. We couldn't have asked for more.
Phil Addington of Vancouver, BC, roots-rock band, Swank

David Morrison wrote about my music career in The Beacon magazine and captured the essence of me and my music more accurately than any other marketing tool I had in place at that time. He pinpointed the direction of my music and career wittily, illustratively and accurately! Thank you, David Morrison; I recommend your work without hesitation!

Ambre Rippon :: Vancouver, BC, jazz-blues singer/musician/songwriter
(Subject of an article for The Beacon in 2008)


David's writing style is so unique from any other that I've come across. I am continually impressed by his knowledge, creativity and devotion to his craft.  When promoting my newly released studio album, David captured my magical trip to Nashville, along with the hardships along the way, in his seamless writing. He did his research and presented my experience in an honest and true light. He knows how to capture the emotion of a story and delivers every time. Thanks for being amazing, David!

Beth Marie Anderson :: Qualicum Beach, BC, recording artist/songwriter

(Subject of an article for The Beacon in 2010)

Even three years after David Morrison published an article about our Counselling and Healing practice, people are still remembering having read his wonderful piece. With unbelievable depth, David expressed his experience of a full healing session with my wife Imke and myself. The words he used were so powerful, precise and yet, artistic, that readers were captivated. People we talked to read the article from the beginning to the end, as David understood how to create suspension throughout the whole article, embracing every facet of his experience in beautiful writing.

In terms of business, our practice was visited by many more clients after the publication. Regular print advertising, however, didn't create a lot of response. What we do is hard to explain in a bulleted ad, so, David's writing allowed our business to have a great start. And - as I said - his writing is still in the memories of people.

Thank you, David, very much, for your excellent work.

Thorsten Heimann :: Institute for Humanistic Energy Therapy, Errington, BC
(Subject of an article for More Living in 2007)


David's article, thoughtful and tastefully written, brought the legitimacy and scale of my project (The Battle of Burgledorf) to the public perception early on in the development stage, which in turn helped to bring substantial assistance to us from new contacts and talent within the community. It was most certainly a privilege to be a subject of his talent.

Richard Olak :: Independent filmmaker, Qualicum Beach, BC
(Subject of an article for The Beacon in 2007)  

Oh, I'm so pleased with the articles - brilliantly constructed and worded. Thank you for your 'articulate eloquence,' David! We are lucky to have a writer of your calibre in the 'hood.

Gerry Barnum :: Popular Vancouver Island singer-songwriter
(Subject of articles for The Beacon in 2007 and 2010)


David Morrison is someone I consider to be a genuine writer. He does his research, he applies a superb intellect to his subject matter, and he meets his deadlines. It has been gratifying to hear from our readers and our clients that his work is not just appreciated and respected, but that he also touches the hearts of people. David makes the ever critical connection with other human beings necessary to powerful communications. It is a privilege to know him and a gift to have him as a contributor to the success of More Living magazine.

Bonnie MacQueen :: Publisher, More Living magazine, Nanaimo, BC.

We approached David to recreate the written content for our very dated website. Despite the time it took to get him the background information he needed, David remained patient with my overly busy timetable. When information was submitted, the turnaround time was great. David has a brilliant gift for creative and enjoyable writing which adds zest to a website. His understanding of Internet Copywriting adds to his capacity to provide readily usable information for the web designer.

Donna Wilson :: Administrator, Dueck General Contracting, Nanaimo, BC.


I hired David Morrison to write copy for my new website. I challenged David by not supplying him with enough information (I was too busy) and an unrealistic deadline (I wanted the site running before an important conference.) He asked questions, listened to learn more and then delivered right on time. Not only did he deliver, he exceeded my expectations for a fun, out-of-the-box-thinking website. I got exactly what I asked for, and then some! He followed up to make sure the content went on the site correctly and in a timely manner. David was a joy to work with and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Judy Clark :: Formerly of Speke Management Services, Nanaimo, BC.

I must say that I am a HUGE fan of David Morrison's writing. Most people are familiar with his witty and insightful work in local publications, but I know firsthand that David has truly unique skills in another medium.

It was the spring of 2007 that I commissioned David to rewrite the content of my website. It is funny, because that wasn't my original intent; it just worked out that way. Upon learning of David's considerable credentials in the Internet copywriting industry, I needled him for some free advice and learned that apparently the reason why I had never received a lead from my website in the 2.5 years that it was on the Internet had something to do with things called ‘keywords’ and ‘spiders,’ PPC ads and other mysterious words. Apparently, writing content for the Internet does not involve the same skills as writing for magazines, newspapers or promotional brochures.

So, I thought: “What have I to lose? I have already commissioned three different writers - let's give this British punk a shot and see what he can do.” Besides, I thought he could use the money.

As David reworked my entire existing content and developed new content, I began to attract business immediately and have maintained the flow every single week through my website: Business that has meant literally tens of thousands of dollars in my pocket in the short six months of our business relationship. David quite literally changed the way I do business, and is responsible for generating a brand new income stream for my real estate business.

Aside from his considerable technical skills and gift with prose, David had the uncanny ability to capture the essence of "me," which I think is paramount in communicating personality in the impersonal world of the Internet. Throughout the process, David kept me updated with progress reports and kept up the communication process. It was all so very easy and so very pleasant and so very unlike any of my previous experiences (which amounted to a fair bit of begging and pleading and granting of extensions on my part). Working with David was an unmitigated joy from beginning to end.

At the beginning of our business relationship David posed the question to me: "Do you consider your website an obligatory Internet presence, or a genuine tool to help generate business?" If you have the former - and now are ready to experience the latter - I urge you to use the services of Mr. David Morrison. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Jo-Ann Lapointe :: Nanaimo, BC., former RE/MAX realtor


David has helped us add a new dimension to our magazine with his zippy profiles of local singers and songwriters. Rather than a simple review of their music, David artfully unveils the personality and emotion behind their tuneful world. David's articles truly reflect his knowledge of the industry and his talent as an interviewer and writer. We applaud his way with words.

EyesOnBC Magazine (formerly known as The Beacon), Bowser, BC.

David Morrison is a talented and efficient writer, able to take on nearly any subject and give it an eloquent and informed spin. Travel, humour, profiles, human interest, music – David has written in all of these areas for me and I can always trust that he'll deliver on time and in tune with the assignment.

Belinda Bruce :: Former Editor, Coastlines magazine, Vancouver, BC.


During my period as editor of The Source magazine, Dave was among our most well-informed and reliable freelance writers, repeatedly turning in work that drew on his vast bank of knowledge whilst remaining accessible to mere mortals - and on deadline, too. Although music is an undoubted strong point - everything from 'noise' to reggae, but most particularly, thanks to many years as a highly respected promoter in that genre - he wrote on numerous other subjects too, including some illuminating and delicately handled interviews.

Marcus Odair :: Sub-Editor (2002 - 2005), The Source magazine, Brighton, UK

Without Dave Morrison’s unwavering passion and enthusiasm - not to mention his unique insights - Comes with a Smile’s worth among ardent music fans would have been significantly diluted. A crucial contributor throughout the magazine’s most successful years, Dave wrote his first reviews in the summer of 2000, immediately impressing with his in-depth, finely structured critiques.

While other contributors came and went, Dave’s drive and passion never
faltered, (lest we forget, he held down a full-time job throughout his
six-year unpaid tenure), his perceptive and personal work set the standard on a number of levels. Supremely well-informed, highly literate and a skilful wordsmith, he proved himself invaluable over the subsequent fourteen issues, injecting humour and pathos in equal measure throughout a series of engrossing interviews and acutely observed album evaluations.

Immediately apparent, too, was his uncanny knack of (and voracious appetite for) discovering tucked-away talent, especially from the fertile musical corner of the world in which he now resides: British Columbia. As resident 'Americana' specialist, Dave took to the magazine’s “equal-opportunities” ethos, interviewing established artists from the USA (like Lambchop and Willard Grant Conspiracy) whilst championing such Canadian acts as Radiogram, Flophouse Jr, The Be Good Tanyas et al with added zeal. (In his role as music promoter in his then hometown of Brighton, he was instrumental in bringing such musicians to the UK, securing countless debut performances along the way.)

Dave’s passion remains undiminished, fortified by a successful battle with cancer that has served only to bolster his formidable spirit. Determined, dedicated, dependable and dextrous - that’s Dave.

Matt Dornan :: Editor, Comes with a Smile magazine, London, UK


David Morrison has been a regular contributor to the Cheeky Guide
publications for several years, displaying an extensive knowledge and
understanding of the UK and global music scene. He has written excellent
features and short articles and last year showed his worth as an editor when
left in charge of the whole music section of our Brighton guide book. I have
always found him to be reliable, a good time-keeper, conscientious and
having an easy manner that makes him a pleasure to work with. I have no
hesitation in recommending Mr. Morrison as a freelance writer and

David Bramwell :: Director, Cheeky Guides Ltd., Brighton, UK

An excellent writer with a golden ear for music across many genres, Dave's passion floods out in his work. Flawless copy was always delivered on time and on word count throughout the year we worked together, and his reputation for reliability for the eight years he wrote for The Source was cast iron.

James Kendall :: Editor, The Brighton Source magazine
(formerly Sub-Editor of The Source, 2005 - 2008), Brighton, UK



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